Beautifully Bipolar: An Inspiring Look into Mental Illness

The Reason For This Book...

From 2001-2004, Erin endured incredibly difficult manic and depressive episodes that resulted in multiple stays in various psychiatric hospitals. She needed an outlet. Fortunately, Erin kept a journal as a means to process the various feelings of pain, confusion, stigma and strength. While thinking about writing this book, there was a part of Erin that felt great sadness when she reflected back on her life. Sadness about the girl that went through what she did, and the family that suffered along with her. Part of writing this book, meant that she had to relive those horrific memories and... click to continue reading

"I sat down and read this book cover to cover in one sitting." -K.S.

"This book is a reminder of the strength within us all to survive and thrive." -A.S.

"As the book draws to a close, we learn the ultimate message of Beautifully Bipolar - you are not your disorder..." -K.D.

"...a must if you are trying to understand how your loved one feels, and what's going on inside..." -J.J.

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